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Phoenix attorney Joseph A. Velez

Are there problems in your workplace you haven’t been able to address yourself? An experienced Arizona employment attorney can help.

I have represented employers, employees, and employee organizations in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, and other Maricopa County jurisdictions. I deliver client-focused employment law services on topics that include discrimination, wrongful discharge, failure to pay wages, unemployment, EEOC claims, and employment contracts.

At my office, you will be treated with respect and your concerns will be addressed. You will receive sound legal assistance that includes:

  • Thorough review and assessment of your case.
  • Explanation of your employment rights.
  • Review of your legal options and possible consequences for each one, including no action.

Each client’s situation is different. Many clients have an idea of how they hope their employment issue is resolved. I respect this and and will never put unnecessary pressure on you.

If you are experiencing an employment problem in Arizona, my office can help.

Contact me to schedule a consultation with a committed and knowledgeable lawyer.