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Employment Lawyer and Arizona Employer Resource

“Employment lawsuits can devastate a company’s reputation and finances. If an employee or former employee is taking legal action against you or your company, you need to respond now.”

As an employment law attorney, I see myself as an Arizona employer resource who delivers solid advice and representation to employers, business owners, and human resource professionals on labor and employment law matters.

Employment issues play a major business role. While most small business owners prefer keep lawyers out of business issues, there are times when the services of a knowledgable employment attorney are needed.

Complicated Federal, state, and local laws affect the way you manage, hire, discipline, and fire employees. They can be a minefield for an unsuspecting employer. My focus is to prevent employment-related disputes before they arise and if they do, to provide cost-effective solutions for small and medium-sized businesses.

How an Employment Lawyer Serves Arizona Businesses

A knowledgable employment lawyer provides employer resource services.

Get the facts about employment law from a trusted employer resource.

An employment lawyer who understands federal and Arizona employment law is a very useful employer resource.

As an employer, you will probably have to make a difficult decisions about an employee at some point. If you are worried that an employee you need to dismiss might sue, get sound legal advice first, even if you are firing an employee for misconduct, performance problems, or other bad behavior. An employment lawyer can tell you when whether terminating a worker is legal and the steps you can take to minimize the risk for a wrongful termination lawsuit or other legal action against your business.

Business clients and their companies want to resolve their legal problems so that they can go back to business. This is what you will get from my law office. I will explore different ways address employee disputes, including fair settlements and mediation. If we can’t avoid litigation, I will aggressively defend you and your company.

Ir your company may b ecome mired in an investigation by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), Department of Labor, Department of Economic Security, or even the IRS. My goal is to help you get a just and fair outc0me.

There are lots of issues in employment law. If you have questions, want to prepare to avoid problems, or otherwise need advice, contact my office for a consultation today!