How Can I Win an Arizona Unemployment Hearing?

Although the Arizona unemployment hearing process is designed to  not require an attorney it is important for you to understand that employers always come prepared and often appear with legal representation.

Do not consider an appeal letter your former employer has filed as a final decision on your application for unemployment benefits. Your employer has human resources staff to  help him, and probably legal staff as well.

It's difficult for people to prepare for unemployment hearings without the benefit of legal counsel.

The first unemployment hearing will usually be your only chance.

Prepare yourself the same way. Consult with an Arizona employment attorney before the hearing and consider bringing him or her with you to your hearing.

Arizona’s Unemployment Hearings and Requirements

When you really want or need to get benefits, prepare for your first unemployment hearing as if it’s the only chance you will have to win, because it usually is.

The best way to prepare is to have legal representation from an attorney who understands the hearing process, deadlines, and other requirements. It’s highly likely your employer will one!

In addition, there are lots of rules be follow when you want to fight a challenge to your application for benefits. Deadlines are counted in calendar days, not working or business days, which gives you less time to prepare. An experienced Arizona unemployment attorney will ensure all requirements and make the process much simpler and less stressful for you.

Get Your Lost Benefits Reinstated

In Arizona, unemployment benefits may be revoked due to misconduct charges such as failure to accept suitable work, or failure to take or pass drug or alcohol tests. You can appeal a decision that takes away benefits.

There may be good reason you refused a job that wasn’t taken into consideration during the decision-making process. Drug tests can show false positives, particularly if you are taking prescribed medication or have eaten foods with poppy seeds, which can alter drug tests. There are even vitamin supplements with alcohol in them on the market!

In addition, many people inadvertently disqualify themselves at Arizona unemployment hearings by revealing irrelevant, potentially damaging information. If your unemployment benefits have been revoked or denied, please contact our office for a consultation before you go to your unemployment hearing.